This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State/ Province Country Latitude Longitude
C Chicago, IL [P0001]        
  Cleveland, OH [P0002]        
  Connecticut [P0005] Connecticut      
E Evanston, IL [P0000]        
G Gainsville, FL [P0008]        
H Hialeah, FL [P0007]        
J Jacksonville, FL [P0010]        
M Miami, FL [P0003]        
N Naples, FL [P0011]        
  New York, NY [P0013]        
O Orange Park, FL [P0006]        
P Poland [P0012]   Poland    
  Pompano Beach, FL [P0004]        
W Washington, DC [P0009]