This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Almeroth. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Abby Lynne [I0078] 2012-04-04
Alex, of Peter James [I0065] 2012
Andrea, of Tim [I0010] 1963-01-14
Anthony LeRoy [I0088] 2007-02-17
Beth, of Peter Joseph [I0066] 1990
Casey James [I0077] 2010-11-08
Cassie [I0079] 1984-01-28
Charles, del patron [I0022]  
Christopher, of Chick [I0059]  
Cole James, of Loren James [I0048] 2004-11-04
Constance [I0013] 1941-03-15
Daniel Vincent, of Steven Michael [I0033] 2019-06-17
Danny, of Peter Joseph [I0067] 1993
David Richard, of Peter Jerome [I0001] 1967-12-29
David, of Chick [I0057]  
Deborah, of Robert [I0009] 1954-04-10
Elizabeth Dwyer [I0052]  
Gregory, of Richard [I0015] 1964-07-07
Jack, of Peter James [I0064] 2010
Jaime Adeline [I0050] 1983-11-16
James Andrew, of Robert [I0008] 1950-03-23
James, of Timothy [I0080] 1993-07-20
Jeanne [I0034] 1917-11-30
Jeanne C., of Chick [I0054]  
Kathryn, of Peter James [I0068]  
Kevin, of Richard [I0016] 1970-10-10
Kevin, of Tim [I0011] 1961-11-24
Loren James [I0046] 1975-11-19
Marion [I0053]  
Michael, of Chick [I0060]  
Nellie [I0012] 1941-07-29
Peter James “Jim”, del patron [I0020] 1909-12-06
Peter James, of Peter Joseph [I0061] 1988
Peter Jerome, of Robert [I0002] 1940-02-21
Peter Jospeh, of Peter James [I0023] 1950-11-18
Peter, el patron [I0021]  
Peter, of Chick [I0024]  
Richard D, of Robert [I0007] 1941-06-20
Robert Henry “Tim”, Jr [I0006] 1938-11-03
Robert Henry, Sr del patron [I0004] 1911-08-27
Shelby [I0049] 2013-05-28
Steven Michael, of Peter Jerome [I0000] 1965-12-26
Susan, of Chick [I0058]  
Timothy, of Richard [I0014] 1960-08-16
Kelly [I0076] 1970-11-18